Do you feel a powerful longing for connection?


Your longing carries deep wisdom— pay attention to it!

WELCOME! I’m Laura Parker, and I have a message for you about loneliness.


Did you know that loneliness carries a life-enhancing evolutionary purpose?

The purpose of loneliness is to call your attention to disconnection and to motivate you to reconnect.

If you’d like to discover fresh and unexpected ways of creating connection, belonging, and love in your life...


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The First Ever Online Summit to Approach Loneliness


The Transforming Loneliness summit was hosted by Laura Parker, MFT in early 2019. All of the interviews in the series will remain freely available. For more information about Laura & Transforming Loneliness, visit and

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If you’re struggling with loneliness, you’re not alone!


The media tell us that loneliness is an “epidemic” in the modern world. Literally millions of people across the globe are experiencing the same pain you are.

The isolation and estrangement of loneliness touches EVERYONE because of the disconnection that is built into the structure of modern culture, which reflects humanity’s perilous disconnection from the creative intelligence of nature.

Even though you feel the pain of loneliness in your own tender heart, you are not broken, and it’s not your fault.

Your vulnerability softens and opens your heart and makes you more available for connection.

Loneliness isn’t what you think it is.

Loneliness isn’t about being alone (that’s why you can feel terribly alone in a marriage, or at a potluck). Loneliness is about not feeling connected and it can guide you into reconnection.

Loneliness isn’t a shameful personal failure, and trying to get rid of it only creates self-alienation.

If you’re feeling lonely, there’s something RIGHT with you. You are feeling your heart’s deepest longing for connection, belonging and love.

What if, instead of hiding loneliness, we treated it like a sacred messenger?

Loneliness carries a necessary, life-affirming message. It brings news of pervasive disconnection. And, loneliness holds the hidden treasure of your longing - the creative life-force that rises up and reaches out with inspiration, hope and desire.

Longing isn’t about “getting” something. It’s about being and becoming (who you are), and expressing and sharing that, in order to more fully inhabit your place in the web of life.

What kind of transformation might be possible if you and I knew in our bones that the world longs for us as much as we long for the world?


Tune in for this series of exclusive interviews on topics such as:

  • Loneliness as a Sacred Messenger

  • Creating Connection through Being Brave, Vulnerable, and Different

  • Solitude and Deep Imagination as Antidotes to Loneliness

  • From Single Shame to Owning Your Story

  • Receiving the Gift Inside Loneliness

  • When Loneliness is a Memory

  • Being In Deep Relationship with All Beings

& much more!


Your Host

Laura Parker, MFT

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Hello, I’m Laura, the creator and facilitator of the Transforming Loneliness project.

I am passionate about helping people to heal and transform the painful experience of loneliness. For as long as I can remember, my life has been inspired by loneliness and longing for authentic, nourishing connection.